How does it work?


We will have a phone or in person meeting that allows us to get a better idea of your situation and for you to feel comfortable that working with us is the right fit.

Data Collection

If you decide that working with us is the right fit we will have you complete a Mortgage Application and our Mortgage Planning Worksheet.

We will also ask you to provide the typical supporting documents that the lenders will require to complete your application. By getting this information upfront you can be assured that the best possible mortgage options will be presented.

Review of Options and Lender Selection

Now that we understand your goals and what you’re looking for, we can present you with the mortgage options that would be best for you and the lenders that are able to provide you with an ideal solution. After reviewing the available options you can select the one that you prefer.

Submit Application to the Selected Lender

Your application and documents will now be submitted to the lender. In our submission we provide the lender with detailed notes about you, your business and the documents being provided. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for the lender to approve your mortgage.

Review Approval and Assemble Complete Package

Once the lender has reviewed your application they will issue a commitment letter. The commitment letter provides the details of their mortgage offer and if there is any other documents needed to complete the application.

We will collect any additional documents that the lender has requested and have you sign off on the mortgage offer. Once the lender has all the required paperwork they will issue mortgage instructions to the lawyer, notary or title search company that will handle the registration of your new mortgage.

Meet with Lawyer to Finalize Paperwork

Once the lawyer has received instructions, the lawyer will review the documents and closing costs with you, confirm your identity and have you sign any outstanding paperwork.

The mortgage funds will be transferred to the lawyer on closing day to then be forwarded to the appropriate payee.

At this stage, we congratulate you on completing the mortgage process and getting the right mortgage for your needs.

On Going Support

Life does not stand still and your financial situation may change after you obtain your mortgage.

We are here to help you get your mortgage and to help you with any questions you have about mortgages now and in the future.

This includes and annual review to make sure your mortgage plan is on track.